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Vinyl Tiling

Reston, VA

Flooring, General Contracting, Tiling
About This Project

Groutable Luxury Vinyl Tile, it was really the only product that would provide the desired look of ceramic tile, plus the quick turnaround of starting and finishing in one day. What’s incredible about this tile is that once it’s finished, it looks and feels exactly like ceramic tile.  Luxury Vinyl Tile runs about $1.00 – $2.00 sq. ft. and compared to ceramic or natural stone, it is very inexpensive.  Ceramic tile is available in a range of prices, but usually starts at $2 per sq. ft. , so the savings right there is 50%. Immediately after you install the groutable vinyl tiles, you can start the grouting process.  This makes the entire process possible to complete in one day.  With ceramic tile, after you finish laying it, you have to let the adhesive dry for 24 hours before grouting, which results in a 2+ day project, so essential ceramic tile takes double the time.

This was the perfect solution for this particular project.


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