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If you work by yourself every little “helper” is highly appreciated.  In our line of work they play an important part, at least for us. 

The list below shows some of the “gizmos” we use to aid us in our work.

Leveling multiple picture frames around the room is another measuring challenge which depends greatly on where you measure from. It is not guaranteed that a ceiling or a floor is level and therefore can throw the measurement of as much as an quarter of an inch or more in some cases. This is where a self leveling cross line laser comes in handy. It also is is great for installing bi fold closet doors to assure that the top and bottom of the hinge assembly line up. Determining the center of vertical items so they line up correctly is another use and many more tasks where a handheld level does not do the trick.

Cross Line Laser
Laser level with stud finder

Hanging crown molding is one of the more challenging tasks due to the length of the molding piece. This is were an additional pair of hands would be useful.  

Crown Molding Hanger Jig


This is a quick check if the outlet is functioning as it should be or to check if the electricity is off or on

Power detector

Stair installation / conversation

I used the “conventional” tools as shown below, which is the most simplest version. I works well on straight steps as long as the sides are somewhat straight.

Dealing with all sorts of shapes and sizes this tool comes in handy for many applications not just stairs. It has on demand spacers for the sides as well as in the front.

Wolfcast Stair Template
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