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House Restoration

Beaufort SC

General Contracting, Restoration
About This Project

The project is located in the picturesque town of Beaufort, SC. An hour drive south of Charleston, SC or an hour drive east of Hilton Head, SC. Backdrop of numerous award winning movies, Beaufort is a welcome escape from the daily hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas.
Over the years the Spanish oak tree branches gave in to gravity and demolished the addition to this lovely cottage, located just two blocks from a beautiful bay area and one mile from downtown Beaufort. The objective was to remove the damaged addition and restore the house to its original beauty.

We decided on colors which fit the area the house is located in:

  • Main Color for the house is Aruba Aqua, a lite pastel green
  • Trim color is called Mineral Spring, an off white hint of green
  • Accent color is Teal Wave, lite blue complementing the main house color

Given a successful history of use, we choose Behr as the manufacturer of the paint. The main color features a new mix by Behr, the Marquee semi gloss.
This is the original design as visualized by our designer. After examining the surrounding area, we decided to deviate from the general color schemes the neighborhood is painted, mainly white,  gray or yellow to make the cottage stand out. For curb appeal we added mulch, a picket fence, gravel covered walk way to the house, and plants.

Some statistics: We generated 20 tons of debris (three containers) from the demolition; 151 man hours in 12 days total.

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