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What is the secret?

What is the secret?

To do a job right there are three requirements

1. understanding the scope

2. know how

3. the right tools

Seems easy enough, I’m certain that I’m not the first one to write this. There are some basic tools one needs to complete simple jobs, almost every household has them on hand. However, when it comes to a more challenging tasks there are sometimes tools required you will not find in the garage or tool shed.

Most of the general hardware stores carry some sort of tool kits ranging from around $20 to $150 depending on your needs, skills, and storage space.  At a minimum you should have a pair of pliers, one adjustable wrench, a pair of scissors, a hammer,  two screwdrivers (one phillips and one slotted), a level, tape measure,  box cutter with 5 replacement blades and a sturdy storage case for the tools so they are in one place. Most important tip for tools (or any other item) is to find a place and put them back once you are done.

Shown is a $19.97 HDX tool set for home owners. This is just an example, I do not endorse or get paid for showing this item.

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